Moira Shepard
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Meet Moira

Moira Shepard, NLP, CHt, has spent nearly two decades on the leading edge of the motivational and inspirational fields.

She has written hundreds of articles about easy, effective ways to create Abundance in relationships, career, finances and well-being.

She has produced and hosted hundreds of memorable radio shows interviewing top authors and private individuals who have overcome major life challenges.

A passionate and skilled teacher, Moira has created more than a dozen unique courses on such topics as Abundance, heart-centered marketing, and development of intuitive faculties.

As a private practitioner, she specializes in guiding people to feel emotionally safe as she helps them let go of the fear, doubt and disappointment that have kept them from creating the richly fulfilling life they desire and deserve.

Moira is committed to providing people worldwide with the inspiration, information and motivation they need to shine their Light fully, freely and joyfully.

How did Moira get into this line of work?

Nearly 20 enjoyable years of working in mass media came to a sudden halt when Moira hurt her back on the job.
After five failed surgeries, the doctors told her she never walk again.
Her heart hammered with fear when they said this to her.

Part of Moira wanted to die.

How could she face a lifetime as a bedridden, Vicodin-popping invalid, staring at four walls?

And yet ... and yet ... somewhere, deep down, a part of her said, "Thank you for sharing. I'm going to go get well now." 
Moira started seeing alternative healers. They got her to the point where she could stay vertical for about 10 minutes a day ...

Long enough so she no longer had to choose, each day, between taking a shower or having a meal. But hardly long enough to go back to work at the corporate job Moira left behind.

One blessed day in November 2003, she  was graced by a miraculous awakening.

Suddenly, Moira's soul lit up with the understanding that she needed to get out of bed and play her part in healing the world.

That day, she consecrated her life to that glorious vision.

And she set about learning the fastest, most effective ways available to heal folks in mind, body, heart and soul ... because Moira figured most people don't have seven years to lie around in bed hoping for a miracle, the way she did.


Teaching and activating Abundance in individuals, groups, organizations and corporations through workshops, lectures, tele-classes, radio shows, articles and information products.


Certified Advanced Practitioner
Intuitive Anatomy
Licensed Instructor

Akashic Records:
Certified Akashic Record Practitioner through Akashic Studies Institute
Akashic Counselor and Healer

Certified Master Results Coach and Trainer in:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Ericksonian Hypnosis
Neurological Re-Patterning

Master-Level Radiance Technique

Certified 7 Rays Practitioner


Moira uses these techniques, and more, to support you in creating more Abundance in your life as quickly as possible.

They all tap into the healing power of Unconditional Love.

She acknowledges with love and gratitude her debt to the many medical professionals, friends, colleagues and loved ones who supported her in her times of need.

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Hi, I'm Moira Shepard

I've had it up to here with "shelf-help," affirmations and positive thinking. Enough, already!

I vowed to find a way to change my life quickly and easily. And I did.

In just the past year, I've used ThetaHealing to heal a multi-nodule cyst in my throat ...

Triple my private practice and resolve decades-old issues ...

And, most important, guide clients and students to enormous breakthroughs in love, health, money and career.

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